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Modernisation of lift systems

Everyone knows how pleasant it can be to use a lift instead of the stairs. That is why SWG always checks whether a new installation is possible and economical when planning complex building projects. After all, the installation is also accompanied by the legal obligation to keep the facilities safe and up to date with the latest technology. As far as the safety aspect is concerned, the 20 passenger lifts in the inventory are regularly maintained and subjected to annual TÜV inspections. But as in many other industries, lift technology and safety requirements continue to evolve. For this reason, we commissioned a so-called risk assessment last year to determine technical deficits in relation to the current state of the art. As a result, we will renovate the lift system at Lindenstraße 25 this year with an investment of about 75,000 €. All tenants of this building will receive detailed information in due time.

Drinking water analysis (legionella analysis)

According to the current Drinking Water Ordinance, we as owners of water supply systems are legally obliged to test drinking water systems with central hot water heating for legionella at regular intervals (every three years). In the past, it was sufficient to take two samples at the central drinking water heater and at a sampling point furthest away (e.g. washbasin tap in the bathroom of a flat). According to the current Drinking Water Ordinance, the sampling points must now be chosen so that each riser is sampled. SWG will commission an accredited testing laboratory to carry out the drinking water tests in the fourth quarter. The tenants concerned, in whose flats samples have to be taken, will be informed in good time. Due to the recurring, fixed testing interval, these expenses will be billed as part of the operating costs.

Access to the dwelling must be granted for testing smoke alarms

In accordance with the building regulations of Saxony-Anhalt, all our flats have been equipped with smoke alarms. After a period of use of 10 years, the first devices must now be replaced again. Therefore, we have already replaced 350 devices in 2020 and another 2,200 will follow this year. When selecting the devices, we made sure that they are radio-based, so that the annual visual inspection on site required by law will no longer be necessary in the future.

Since our current smoke alarms unfortunately do not yet have this function, they still require an annual visual inspection and functional test. For this purpose, you as our tenants must grant the service company access to your flat. Two free trips to check the smoke alarms have been agreed with the service company. If additional trips are necessary, the tenants concerned will be charged for the costs incurred. If access is not possible on a permanent basis, we reserve the right to take steps under tenancy law (e.g. threat of termination without notice, etc.). The smoke alarms serve to protect life and limb. They fulfil a safety-relevant purpose and we, as landlords, must fulfil our legal obligation to test them annually.