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Absence of the tenant

The holiday season is here, you go away. Or you are on assembly and only at home at the weekend. These are times when no one is in the flat. But what if a breakdown occurs at precisely these times and, for example, the gas line of all tenants can no longer be put into operation because there is no access to the flat? What if you have forgotten to close the windows and during the cold season temperatures are sometimes in the double-digit minus range and the pipes freeze?

Contrary to the opinion of many tenants, SWG Städtische Wohnungsbau GmbH has no spare keys to the rented flats. And thus the danger cannot be averted and the remaining tenants have to be provided with emergency heat and water in the worst case. To avoid such inconveniences, it is advisable to designate a contact person at the landlord's who can organise access to the flat if you are not there yourself. This will give us the opportunity to enter the flat with a witness in an uncomplicated manner and without causing any major additional damage, so that we can easily remedy the defect. We therefore ask you to name a person you trust, or even parents and grandparents, with whom we can contact without exception in such "emergencies". Thank you very much.