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Use of balcony

Balcony use - one man's joy, another man's sorrow

In our tenants' newspaper and on our new homepage you will find advice on everything to do with living. For example, the use of balconies, because certain rules are essential in the interest of safety. But it is also about the visual appearance of the entire building. An example: In principle, tenants are allowed to securely attach flower boxes to the inside of the balcony. However, without the express permission of the landlord, no flower boxes may be attached outside. The main reason for this is to avoid dangers from excessive watering and water running down, as well as boxes falling down due to gusts of wind or storms. In order to create protection from the sun, many tenants install an awning, for which a permit is also required. This is because improper installation can cause damage due to different balcony constructions. If an improperly installed awning falls from the balcony and damages other people's property, the tenant is liable. The visible installation of a satellite system is also not permitted, as most of our flats have a broadband cable connection and internet.

Balcony planting - what do I need to consider?

Greening a balcony is part of proper use. Nevertheless, you should adhere to certain standards. Before you go to the DIY store to buy your favourite balcony plant, you should first measure the width of your balcony railing. Also, look for containers that are larger than the plant, so the soil does not dry out so quickly. However, flower boxes should only be placed on the inside of the balcony railing and not on the outside. Make sure that your plants do not grow too high and protrude onto other balconies. In addition, pluck or cut off dried flowers and leaves so that your neighbours are not disturbed by fallen leaves. Secure your flower boxes properly, i.e. they must not fall down in the wind. Always use a saucer so that water does not drip down from the balcony when watering. Here are two more tips to help you manage your balcony:

Never water your flowers in the midday sun, because the water droplets act like little magnifying glasses that encourage the plant to dry out. It is better to water early or at dusk. Do not plant your balcony until after 16 May, i.e. after the Ice Saints. There is still a risk of frost before then. This means that nothing stands in the way of planting your balcony.

What is also pleasing to know is that you can also plant roses on your balcony, because they also feel at home in tubs. Since roses like to root deeply and also love the company of companion plants, however, the pot should be as large as possible and at least 40 cm high. This is also important because the rose should live in this pot home for as long as possible. Roses in pots require more care than roses in the garden. The rose does not need to be brought indoors in winter and does not need to be watered. To protect it from winter frosts, place the pot as close to the house wall as possible and wrap it with some fleece and newspaper. In this way you can live up to the name of our city, the city of mountains and roses, and decorate your balcony with beautiful roses.

Am I allowed to barbecue on my balcony in summer?

For most Germans, summertime means barbecue time. From mid-May onwards, Sangerhausen and the surrounding area will once again smell deliciously of grilled food. So it's understandable if everyone wants to organise their own barbecue party. Unfortunately, barbecuing on the balcony is not permitted here. Neither with the charcoal grill nor with the electric grill.