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Furnishing tips

Colour design

Tone-in-tone combinations or bold accents? Whatever you like is allowed! Get ideas on the go, e.g. in furniture stores, hotels or waiting rooms, which you can adapt to your home! Our tip: Green looks particularly great in combination with wood and darker shades.

Lighting concept

Avoid cold light from only one ceiling light. Rather use several light sources with modern LED light sources or also dimmed with shades.

Hallway design

The hallway gives guests and friends the first impression. A coat rack and shoe cupboards in many variations help to control the chaos of jackets and shoes!

Wall decoration

Large walls of books look tidier and divide the entire wall space. Do not place pictures too high and in one place, do not spread them over the entire wall!


New little things more often! Bring the seasons into your home with nature on walks. This is not only cheaper, you can also arrange individual and exclusive decorations at the same time. Neutral vases can be used here as well as plates or bowls. Do not scatter decorations all over the room! Groupings create a coherent picture and appear more harmonious. In contrast: Contrasts create tension - experiment with blankets, curtains, cushions or bed linen!

Workplaces in the home

Avoid desks! Store your work environment in computer cabinets or containers, so you can also use a table to entertain your guests, for example.

Kitchen planning

You should not represent yourself in your kitchen, but feel comfortable. Your individual circumstances decide between a tea kitchen or a professional kitchen! Use easy-care furniture! Folding tables, attached to the wall, provide additional work surfaces in small kitchens and also serve as a dining table!

Tips for small rooms

Choose multifunctional furniture such as sofa beds with storage space, extendable tables and mini furniture! In the bathroom, a furniture-washbasin combination keeps things tidy and avoids small items lying around. Recessed false ceilings offer additional storage space. Always keep low ceilings light, high colour stripes additionally "stretch" walls! Mirrors, properly placed, also make small rooms look bigger! Instead of one large plant, it is better to spread several small ones around the room!

Second hand quality

Make art yourself! Recycle books, crockery, cutlery, pictures, kitsch and curiosities from household liquidations! Timeless second-hand furniture saves money!

My favourite place

Treat yourself to a personal retreat! Whether you set up your reading corner on the cosy sofa, in the wing chair or on the modern designer set is up to you. Even in small flats, your fitness equipment (preferably foldable) can be stowed away in space-saving niches, on shelves or under the bed. With a few simple steps, you can transform your bathtub into a luxury bath, and high-pile carpets in the bedroom will make you feel good under your feet!