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Energy saving tips

  • Turn off the light in rooms that you are not currently using!
  • Do not operate electrical appliances in "stand-by mode"!
  • Ensure a pleasant indoor climate through correct heating and ventilation and thus save heating energy! Read our article "Correct heating and ventilation"!
  • Separate the waste and dispose of all recyclable materials in the bins provided!
  • Don't do small trips, such as going to the bakery in the morning, by car! Walking or cycling is also good for your health!
  • If possible, use public transport or carpool!
  • Shorter showers - less bathing!
  • Use the kettle, toaster & co. more often! Don't always switch on the cooker!
  • Do not set the cooling temperature in refrigerators and freezers too low! Recommendation: 7° C in the refrigerator and -18° C in the freezer.
  • Always load your washing machine with as much laundry as possible!
  • Consciously buy recycled products!