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House cleaning

House cleaning

For many people, feeling good in their home is not only about having a comfortable flat, but also about having a tidy and clean living environment. In many of SWG's tenancy agreements, house cleaning has therefore been effectively transferred to the tenants. In accordance with the regulations at the entrance to the building, each tenant knows in which week he or she is assigned to carry out the cleaning work.

The following areas belong to the so-called small or big house week:

  • Staircase, basement corridors, floor, dry and other common rooms, including doors and windows
  • Yard, generally accessible car park and the stand for recyclables/residual waste
  • Access routes outside the house including external stairs
  • Pavement and the street in front of the house or property

Winter service

Summer is followed by autumn, autumn by winter. Particular caution is required in the dark season with rain, storms, leaves, snow and black ice as sources of danger.

As with house cleaning, snow and ice removal has been transferred to the tenants in many tenancy agreements. They are then responsible for clearing and gritting in accordance with the winter service plan posted by SWG. If necessary, clearing and gritting must be carried out several times a day and also as a preventive measure in accordance with the street cleaning statutes of the town of Sangerhausen (also available on the website of the town of Sangerhausen). The required gritting material will be provided by SWG in good time and invoiced via the utility bill. If someone is injured as a result of the failure to clear snow and black ice, the person who was responsible for the winter service at that time within the scope of the traffic safety obligation will be held liable.

Recently, there has been an increase in tenant enquiries regarding the commissioning of external companies for house cleaning and winter services. Your account manager will be happy to help you with this. There are two options for implementation.

Individual tenant request

You would like a company to only carry out your tenant duties within the scope of house cleaning/winter service. To do this, you must hire a company yourself. Your customer advisor can give you recommendations. You, as the client, are then responsible for the coordination and cost settlement.

Desire of the house community

If it is the wish of the entire house community to hand over the house cleaning and winter service to a company, then your customer advisor will arrange and coordinate everything necessary as requested. The costs will be charged via the utility bill. In building entrances that are completely reoccupied, e.g. after renovation work, the house cleaning and winter services are already calculated in advance in the operating costs and commissioned to third parties.